What Do You Get When You Choose US Delivered

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Why Thousands of Customers Choose US Delivered

Peace of Mind Guarantee

With us get a free US Address, a company with a 15 year history, excellent and professional service, a real person on the phone every time you call and a money-back guarantee if your box does not make it to you. Need we say more!
We are the only company that promises to refund your shipping fees if your shipment is not delivered to you. 


Save 50-80% off international shipping rates.

Our shipping experts will combine and securely repack your items into one box from multiple boxes and when combined with our heavily discounted shipping rates, you could save over $600 every year. Not only that, we give you money back on every shipment, making your next one even more affordable!


Virtual Mailbox with photos of your items

With our virtual mail box, you can manage and control your shipments in real time. See photos of your items to make sure you get exactly what you pay for. Pick a date, ship and track it home with a few simple clicks.

Exclusive online US deals and promotions.

Pay US prices which only people with an shipping address in the US get. Save even more with our hand-picked daily deals from around the Internet. We can help you find the best price on any item.

Tracking with guaranteed delivery

You can track and see photos of your purchased product details in your online USDelivered account with our smart virtual mail box. You'll have all the control just like you're living in the US

How Customers Save $600 Every Year With US Delivered

Access to US brands, top quality items at sale prices

Sign up and you'll be assigned a Personal Shopping Concierge who can buy anything you wish even if you don't have an international credit card or your card is not accepted by the retailers. We buy iphones, electronics, designer clothes, home goods, vitamins- anything that can be shipped- for customers like you, everyday. Order what you want, via the Personal Shopping tab.


Guaranteed delivery with your money back

You're fully protected by our 100% delivery guarantee. If your package does not reach you, we will fully refund your shipping fees. No questions asked. Our track-me-home service watches your package from the time we receive it to the time it lands on your doorstep. You get notifications when it's packed and shipped and where in transit it is at any give time. We also offer insurance of up to $100 on your packages. For FREE.


Free consolidation

Once your purchases have arrived in our facility, we bundle your packages and re-package them for FREE. With more than 10 years experience, we'll make sure your packages are properly prepared for international shipping, and save you even more.

Free Virtual Mail Box

You'll see photos of your packages in your account dashboard. You can decide to have them opened, inspected and invoice removed prior to shipping. Schedule a date to ship and you'll get tracking info to your doorstep.

Customer Service Support

Whether it's customs paperwork or declarations, we’ve got you covered. USDelivered.com allows you to customize your declarations while ensuring your packages meet all customs regulations.

We're all about saving you money. Here's an example:

How much can you save with US Delivered?

Enter Dimensional Weight OR Actual Weight
Dimensional Weight

length x width x height / 139
(international standard)

Actual Weight

Measured weight of item

* Retail rates as charged by shippers. Based on dimensional ratings when applicable.

Duties, taxes, custom fees not included.

Service ETA
(Business day)
Retail* Our Rate
(Specified dimensions)
You save
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Helping you shop and ship online. Every step of the way.

We provide a simple declarations form to help you with customs. Our customer services are always available to support and inform you which items can and can not be purchased for international shipments

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