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Alard | Johannesburg, South Africa

I bought a phone for $699 at Amazon. I used US Delivered for the first time, following my friend's advice. To be honest, it's been the most courageous act in my life, but it was worth a try. I saved about $250 on buying abroad. The service worked out well and delivered the parcel within 5 days after shipping from their premises. The support service is great. I am very happy with the service.

Doris | Singapore

Thanks a lot for the packaging! The parcel has brought some footwear, makeup and a backpack - in short, the items that could have lost their shape during delivery. I asked to remove all the boxes, but US Delivered inserted some paper stuff between the items to let them keep their shape. Great idea! Did not add weight and my items are not bent out of shape.

Stephan | Germany

It's been another order via US Delivered. This time I purchased three shirts, and all of the items were perfectly packed, while any needless boxes, bags, etc. were removed. It allowed me to get a parcel within one kilo. I faced no trouble with the order creation and delivery. The parcel arrived in perfect condition in my home within 6 days. I highly recommend the service!

Prahlad | Chandigarh, India

I recommend. Everything went great. Already a couple of times ordered through US Delivered. All is great! I'm still poorly guided in American stores. In order not to look for a long time, I appeal to US Delivered employees - always tell me where to find what i am looking for. Thanks!

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Shopping in the US and shipping back to your home country is actually less expensive than buying from your local stores.

Our customer Maria saved $565 doing just that.


Maria searched for 3 items online from various US stores. Turns out, the prices were much cheaper. Plus she could be sure of getting real quality (not fake!) items. The problem was how to buy from USA? Luckily, she found the solution.


She signed up for US Delivered and got a free US address and shipped the items from the stores to her address for free.

there’s more

Then, using Consolidation service, Maria was able to bundle her goods together and ship them home and save even more.

That’s how she saved $565


You can shop top US brands online!
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Why do thousands of people use US Delivered to ship?
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We pride ourselves on our Southern roots of integrity, honesty and doing the right thing. Which is probably why more expats choose us than any other company. We offer the most value of any of our competitors.. See how we compare

*Based on a basic plan. Some providers will not show you prices until you sign up for a paid membership N/O: Not Offered | N/A: Not Available Rates data gathered from providers and their websites by third party as of Oct. 2016



Paris, France

Service |
Shipping Carrier
MyUs* Shipito*
FedEx Economy $73.41 5-10 days $54.40 4-6 days $66.21 N/A
FedEx Priority $78.37 1-4 days $59.55 1-3 days $72.45 N/A
Worldwide Expedited $89.43 2-8 days $59.12 2-6 days N/O
UPS: Saver $90.76 1-4 days $70.41 1-3 days N/O
$70.69 1-4 days $62.28 1-3 days $48.43 N/A
Rate/ Services MyUS ViaBox Borderlinx ShipVilla Parcel Zoom Shipito
Plan Premium Plan Only 1 plan offered One-Time Checkout Plan Only 1 plan offered Platinum Plan Only 1 plan offered Individual Package
Registration Fee $10 Free Free Free Free Free Free
Merchandise Receiving Fee N/A N/A $5 N/A N/A N/A N/A
Assisted Purchase Fee 6% or 10% ($10 min. fee) 0% $5/box N/A N/A N/A $2/box
Consolidation Fee For paid members Free Free Not offered Free $4.50 for each additional package For paid members only
$3 per package
Repackaging Fee For paid members Free Free Free Free Not offered $8.50 /package
Photos of Received Boxes Not offered Free Free Not offered Not offered Free $2 /image & $5 /content
Duration of Free Storage For paid members 5 or 30 days 180 days 30 days 30 days 30 days For paid members only 30-90 days For paid members only 30-90 days
Storage Fee/day $1 /box Item automatically discarded after 180 days $1 /box $5 /box $1 /box $1 Limited to 18 cubic ft $7 /extra 18 cubic ft
Bank Fee 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 4% 4.30%
Heavy Package Fee 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% $10-$50 Overweight fee is charged even if the package is trashed $10-$50
Mandatory deposits 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% Yes + spending limits on your account
US Permanent Addres Not offered Not offered Permanent. Even if you cancel Not offered Not offered Not offered Not offered
Shipper Options DHL, FedEx, USPS DHL, FedEx, USPS DHL, FedEx, UPS DHL only DHL only DHL, FedEx, USPS, UPS DHL, FedEx, USPS
BBB rating A+ A+ A+ A+ A
not BBB accredited
No rating D+
not BBB accredited

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